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Unfortunately, for reasons of confidentiality, I cannot report on many customer projects, but here is a selection that has been published and give an insight into my work.

Innovation training for journalists in the arab speaking region

In October 2021, I provided innovation training for interdisciplinary teams of journalists, fact checkers, lawyers, human rights activists, developers, and designers for the ARIJ Network and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Peace to prepare them for their work in the #InnovateToInvestigate Inncubator. This was the first time I was able to gain experience with simultaneous translation in online trainings.


AHAckathon for humanitarian logistic in the ASEAN region

On the initiative of Kühne HELP Logistics and in cooperation with launchlabs Berlin, I conducted the AHAckathon for humanitarian logistics for the AHA Centre in Jakarta. The AHA Centre coordinates crisis operations in the whole ASEAN region and has formulated 6 challenges on which student teams from all over the region worked online for 3 days. In addition to the launchlabs virtual studio, MURAL was used as an online whiteboard and Discord as a communication platform for the teams. 6 Impact Week coaches from Jordan, Nepal, Germany and New Zealand accompanied the teams throughout.


I have been part of the Impact Week Initiative since 2016 and use my methodological knowledge to train students in developing countries in design thinking and entrepreneurship.

  • 2016 - Senior Coach Nairobi, Kenja

  • 2017 - Lead Organizer Report (English) Bogota, Colombia

  • 2018 - Senior Coach and Organizer - Report (English) Guwahati, Assam, India

  • 2019 - Lead Coach Amman, Jordan

  • 2019 - Senior Coach Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 2020 - Organization and coaching at several virtual impact weeks

The program is independent but is supported by companies such as Lufthansa, SAP, Nestle and others. If you are interested in participating or sponsoring, please do not hesitate to contact me. Here you can find the current report of our work.


Innovation with Design Thinking at an international engineering company

In the project I created a strategic roadmap together with the AppHaus team. This involved linking the empowerment of the design thinking team at the client with a parallel first lighthouse project for spare parts management. As the User Experience Lead, I worked with the designers to conduct user research in several service branches in Turkey, Singapore and Hong Kong. The results were evaluated in several customer workshops, processed and presented to the management. The resulting prototype was tested for feasibility together with development experts and a concrete development plan was created.

Since then, the customer's team has been working successfully with the Design Thinking method in many other projects.

The Medical Research Insights project, which was carried out in cooperation with the SAP Innovation Center Potsdam (development) and the Heidelberg University Hospital (customer), is a typical example of the user-centered solutions that I have designed with the team in recent years. The first step is always to get to know the people involved, the work environment and processes through inspections and interviews. In this case it was particularly important that the cancer researchers found themselves in their technical language and way of thinking.

A design was iteratively done with the customer and the development team and validated several times with end users in several workshops that were co-led. I contributed with my ability to translate between development, design and specialist area.

In addition to the Red Dot Award, the resulting solution has also won several other design awards.

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